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Symptoms of Cercospora apii on celery


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Celery Sigatoka is caused by the fungus Cercospora apii . This specific species of Sigatoka affects only celery. The other umbelliferae are not susceptible to this disease. Sigatoka is quite frequently encountered in French Guiana on celery grown in the open field or under shelter.


  • Organs attacked :
Leaves Rod


  • Symptoms and damage :
    • Celery leaves and stems may be affected.
    • Quite numerous small brown lesions on the foliage at the start of contamination.
    • Lesions characterized by leaf browning and drying.
    • At the start of the attack, a yellow halo may be observed around the necroses.
    • Severely affected leaves turn yellow and become senescent. Leaf fall is sometimes observed.
    • The damage associated with this disease can be significant for production: reduced yields and depreciation of the product due to the appearance of necrotic leaves which must be removed at the time of sale.
  • Signs : fruiting bodies of the fungus form on the lesions. Conidiophores and conidia of the fungus can be observed under a light microscope.
  • Possible confusion :


  • Affected production areas :
  • Cercospora sp. reported on celery : Cercospora apii .
Last change : 05/05/22
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