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Sigatoka symptoms on okra



  • Organs attacked :


Leaves Rod


  • Symptoms :
    • Initially, presence of moist to dark spots forming mainly on mature leaves (Figure 1).
    • Subsequently, the spots spread and form blackish lesions often delimited by the veins (figures 2 to 4).
    • They gradually turn brown and become necrotic, and their center clears up. The leaf blade yellows more or less around the lesions.
    • A dense black down is visible on the spots on the underside of the blade, and sometimes on the blade in very favorable conditions (figure 5).
    • Severely affected leaves curl more or less (figure 5), become completely necrotic, and drop.
    • Fruits are sometimes affected showing longitudinal lesions covered with a blackish green.
  • Signs : presence on the lesions of a charcoal-black down (figure 6) made up of conidiophores and conidia hyaline and slightly curved, cylindrical, with 3 to 6 transverse partitions.
  • Possible confusion : rare
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  • Affected production areas :


  • Cercospora  spp. signalés sur gombo  : Pseudocercospora abelmoschi  (Ellis & Everh.) Deighton,  Cercospora malayensis F. Stevens & Solheim
Last change : 05/05/22
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Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6