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Sigatoka Symptoms on Cucurbitaceae


  • Organs attacked :
Sheets Fruits


  • Symptoms :
    • Small moist lesions appearing on the old leaves or on the youngest depending on the Cucurbitaceae (figures 1 to 5).
    • Thereafter, the spots expand, and are rather circular with a brownish center. Their periphery is reddish brown to black, and they are surrounded by a clearly visible yellow halo.
    • Their size is often rather limited, not exceeding more than one centimeter in diameter, for example on watermelon.
    • The center of the spots may lighten and the degraded tissues fall off, giving the leaves a riddled appearance.
    • Severely affected leaves turn yellow and become senescent. Leaf fall is sometimes observed.
    • Round to elongated, concave and necrotic lesions on fruit (Figure 6).
  • Signs : fruiting bodies of the fungus dot the lesions, sometimes giving them a slightly dark gray to black color (figure 7).
  • Possible confusion : rare
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  • Affected production areas :
Mayotte Guyana New Caledonia


  • Cercospora sp. reported on Cucurbitaceae :


Species reported   Cucurbits attacked

Stagonosporopsis cucurbitacearum (Fr.)

Aveskamp, ​​Gruyter & Verkley (syn.  Cercospora citrullina)


Benincasa hispidus, Citrullus lannata, Cucurbita spp.,

Leiner , Momordica charantia , Sechium edible , etc.

Last change : 05/05/22
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