Vegetable crops

These resources allow you, for each given culture, to have access to content that we want to be as exhaustive as possible in order to centralize the knowledge available on these. Each content is equipped with an image-assisted diagnostic aid tool to guide you in the best way possible to identify a problem. We continue to extend content to other cultures, either on our own resources or sometimes with partners. Under construction, the application of aubergine, Chilli & peppers, Carrot, etc ...

Fruit Culture

As with vegetable crops, we provide resources for fruit crops. Each content is also equipped with an imaging aid module that will guide you to the elements that can support your diagnosis. These resources come from our knowledge bases, but can be aggregated and distributed by partners on the platform.

Tropical crops

Texte de la sous-catégorie Cultures tropicales

Field crops

In this section, we deal with field crops at the option of collaborations with partners, with the aim of concentrating the maximum amount of knowledge and various tools to fully understand the health issues related to them. We are available to welcome collaborations to expand this section.