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Symptoms on Chilli



  • Organs attacked :
Leaves Rod


  • Symptoms :
    • Initially small circular to elongated chlorotic lesions (Figure 1).
    • Subsequently, the spots expand, turn brown, and gradually become necrotic (figure 2). A reddish-brown border encircles them. their diameter can be more than 1 cm.
    • The center of the spots lightens gradually taking on a gray to whitish tint, and sometimes presents concentric patterns giving them a so-called "frog eye" appearance. A yellow halo is sometimes visible (Figure 3).
    • Similar but elongated lesions are sometimes visible on the petioles (Figure 4) and the stem.
    • Degraded fabrics dry out, split and eventually fall off; the leaf blade is thus partially riddled.
    • Severely affected leaves turn yellow, wither, and may drop.
  • Signs : Fruiting bodies of the fungus dot the lesions, sometimes giving them a slightly light gray tint. Under the light microscope, many conidiophores can be observed carrying hyaline, elongated and septate conidia.
  • Possible confusion : rare
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  • Affected production areas :
Mayotte New Caledonia


  • Cercospora spp. reported on pepper : Cercospora capsici Heald & FA Wolf (syn. Cercospora unamunoi, etc.), Passalora capsicicola (Vassiljevsky) U. Braun & FO Freire (syn. Cercospora capsicicola , etc.).
Last change : 04/28/22
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4