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Symptoms of Sigatoka on cabbage


Cercospora brassicicola globally distributed is very present in tropical areas. It causes leaf symptoms on Chinese cabbage, but also on turnips, rutabagas, and more weakly on cabbage.


  • Organs attacked :


  • Symptoms :
    • Small, moist, dark to blackish lesions appearing on older leaves.
    • The spots extend, and are rather circular, sometimes partially delimited by a rib. Their center shows a brownish tint and lightens (figures 1 and 2). They are also surrounded by a faint yellow halo (figure 3)
    • Their size can be more than one centimeter.
    • The tissues in the center of the spots eventually degrade and fall off, giving the leaves a partially riddled appearance.
    • Severely affected leaves turn yellow and become senescent. Leaf fall is sometimes observed.
  • Signs : fruiting bodies of the fungus form on the lesions (figure 4), they sometimes have a distribution in concentric circles. Conidiophores and conidia of the fungus can be observed under a light microscope.
  • Possible confusion : Alternaria ( Alternaria brassicicola )
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  • Affected production areas :
Mayotte Reunion Guyana Guadeloupe
Martinique  New Caledonia  French Polynesia  


  • Cercospora sp. reported on cabbage : Cercospora brassicicola Henn.
Last change : 05/05/22
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4