Damage and nuisance

  • Berries, clusters

The Drosophila adults are strongly attracted to fragrances, like alcohols, organic acids and ethers acetic secreted by injured berries, all the more so when the harvest is late and the cultivated variety is white. These lesions are due either to accidental wounds linked to various abiotic stresses or to human activity, or to attacks from various pests (leafworms, powdery mildew, etc.).

The females lay their eggs from which emerge the larvae, hygrophylls and fireflies, which proliferate in the berries already colonized by yeasts ( Kloeckera apiculata, Candida stellata ... ) or bacteria ( Gluconobacter spp., Acetobacter spp. ... ) associated to acid rot . Let us add that they can also  transport these microorganisms.

The direct harmfulness of the fruit flies towards the vine is not in question, but it is the indirect role that they play as a vector and aggravating factor of the acid rot at the larval stage which classifies them among the pests. potentials of this culture.

Last change : 04/20/21
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