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Guided diagnosis of pests and diseases

You have chosen the option Guided diagnosis*. The procedure for identifying tobacco diseases is quite simple. Using the above menus you will select the title that best corresponds to your observations of diseased plants. Pay particular attention to where the symptoms are located and what their characteristics are. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please follow this link.

Follow the menus step by step and at the end, you will have access to a range of topics that provide some general information on the last symptom selected and offer several possible causes associated to the steps chosen in the menus. The last thing to do now is to refer to various causes and choose the one with the description and associated images best corresponding to your observations.

Once the disease is identified, we suggest you consult the topic of Pest control and knowledge which describes all the key information on the subject.
* Please be aware that the identification module has been provided in order to help you making your own diagnosis, not to do the diagnosis on your behalf. The final outcome for identification is your own responsibility.
Last change : 07/11/13
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  • D Blancard (INRAe)