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Identify diseases 

The correct identification of a disease is important. To do so one should follow a fairly strict procedure which includes: 

- gathering all available information especially that related to production practices;
- making several observations in order to indentiify the parasitic agent.

Before you start using one of two identification modules offered, please, have a look at the "Diagnosis Procedure" which briefly describes the steps to follow .

You can make your diagnosis by using two complementary modules:

- Guided Diagnosis –leads you to browse a series of successive menus helping you progressively to describe what you are observing. Finally several potential causes are proposed for comparison in order to identify the one that best fits your pest problem.


- Diagnosis by Image – offers a selection of images among which you can choose those closest to what you see on your own tobacco samples. Finally, one or more causes are proposed as well as all the images that characterise each of these causes. For each hypothesised cause  there is a link that allows access to the Guided Diagnosis module  where you can get the available information on diseases and thus confirm your diagnosis.


*Please be aware that the two modules have been provided in order to help you to make your own diagnosis, not to do the diagnosis on your behalf. The final outcome for identification is your own responsibility.

Last change : 05/02/13
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  • D Blancard (INRAe)