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Genetic abnormalities

Certain mutations are responsible for phenotypic characters that are often undesirable for the breeder. This most often results in abnormalities in coloring and shape of the leaves. With regard to the deformations of the limbus, we can see in particular the leaves (figures 1 to 4):
- rather small in size and more or less "crumpled" appearance;
- wound with respect to their axis or their plane;
- reduced and more cut;
- extremely small and narrow.

In addition, the tissues of affected plants may be thicker.

These "chimeras" must be regarded as curiosities without consequence for the culture. In the majority of cases, a very small proportion of plants are affected. They are classified under physiological diseases; they should not be confused with viral diseases or phytotoxicities.

Other genetic abnormalities affecting chlorophyll production in salads are described under "Chlorotic or yellow leaves". You will also find more information on this subject.

Last change : 04/27/21
Figure 1
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