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Interests and limits


Factors studied

Positive effects


Negative effects

Work organization

- For certain alternative products, the absence or the very short duration of entry and pre-harvest periods mean that maintenance of the crop and its marketing are not interrupted.

- More or less long-term effect of certain microorganisms depending on climatic conditions (eg entomopathogenic fungi).


- Ensure that the products are available on the French overseas departments market (shipping and storage at distributors is sometimes difficult for bacteria-based products).

- Preservation of products based on living organisms under very specific conditions.

- Quick use of the products after opening the bag.

- Reasoning for applications in order to prevent resistance phenomena.

- Limited choice of conventional phytosanitary products compatible with these alternative products.


- Best possible valuation at the sale of the products.


- Increase in the cost of labor for treatments.

- Necessary expenses for the purchase of the products.

- Variable treatment efficiency.


- Ecosystem balances respected.

- Sustainable phytosanitary management.

Product qualities

- Fewer toxic residues.

- Better visual aspect if reduced damage. 


- Less risk to the environment.


- If non-specific alternative products, possibility of negative impact on useful biodiversity.

Energy consumption



- Increase because in general it takes many successive applications.

Last change : 07/07/22