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Chemical substitution


  • Definition and role in the reduction of phytosanitary products : this involves replacing synthetic phytosanitary products traditionally used by biocontrol products (micro-organisms, natural substances (biopesticides) or other alternative products). The term “biopesticides” includes bacteria, fungal spores, products resulting from the metabolism of these organisms and biosynthetic products. Alternative products are, for example, essential oils and mineral oils or kaolin. This technique does not always contribute to reducing the use of products, but it often allows the use of products that are less dangerous to health or the environment.
  • Against which pests? Certain pests and certain diseases.
  • On which crops? Avocado gardening and possibility of approvals for other crops in the years to come.
  • When ? One or more times during cultivation, respecting the times and doses given on the product label.
  • In what conditions ? Bioinsecticides are generally only effective on the first stages of development of pests (exception for Syneïs bait effective on the adult stage of flies). Like all other products, they must be applied outside of hot periods of the day to increase their effectiveness. Some bio-fungicides must be applied in the presence of at least 80% humidity for 10-12 h and a temperature between 18 and 28°C. These application conditions make the use of these biofungicides tricky and/or not easily compatible with certain cropping systems such as crops under cover where high humidity is generally not desirable.
  • Regulations : only approved products may be used. Respect the same regulations and the same precautions for use as those of synthetic phytosanitary products: wearing of personal protective equipment (gloves, mask, coveralls, boots), approved uses and doses, respect of untreated areas, non-application in the presence pollinating insects. With regard to herbal preparations (Natural Preparations of Little Concern), only nettle manure ( Urtica sp.) is authorized for application on crops intended for sale for the moment.
  • Working time: increase in working time to be expected because frequent observation of cultures is necessary to treat at the right time and some products require a large number of applications for good effectiveness.
  • Compatibility of alternative techniques with each other :  
Last change : 07/07/22