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Interests and limits


Factors studied

Positive effects


Negative effects

Work organization



- Great technicality required for the production of healthy plants in the nursery on the farm (sanitary quality difficult to manage).

- Allow time for reflection for the choice of plant material and for observation when receiving the plants, if necessary.


- The additional cost of the equipment will be largely amortized by the advantages in terms of sanitary quality.


- Higher cost of seeds (purity, treatments, improved varieties with disease resistance) or plants (cost of production, grafting).


- Performance of the variety (varietal guarantee).

- Sanitary quality guaranteed in an approved nursery.


- Risk of resistance overrides in the more or less long term depending on the resistance mechanisms used.

Product qualities

- Less pesticide residues.

- Less damage to products because fewer pests.




- Increase in functional biodiversity if treatments are avoided.

Energy consumption

- Reduction in fuel consumption if treatments are avoided.

Last change : 07/07/22