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Use of certified plants or seeds

When buying plant material and when possible, always favor the choice of certified seeds or plants whose quality is guaranteed. In Réunion, certified plants are purchased from nurseries approved by the SOC. Certified plants meet European standards for their production and marketing. The checks carried out on the batches of certified seeds also ensure the absence of weed seeds. Crops with certified plants or seeds or CAC standard in Reunion are: garlic, potato and a large number of vegetable crops whose seeds meet the European “CE Quality” standard.


Use of adapted varieties 

Prefer varieties adapted to the pedoclimatic conditions of the production zone, choose varieties resistant or tolerant to pests present on the farm or likely to appear (examples: varieties of yams resistant to cassava ants such as Grosse Caille).


Associations of varieties and rootstocks

It is a question of using the agronomic potential of a sensitive variety grafted on the root system or the stem of a variety resistant to one or more bioaggressors, most often telluric. This grafting aims to improve the agronomic potential of the association in comparison with the non-grafted variety. Grafting made it possible to decouple the work of improvement and selection of the aerial part (fruiting) from the underground part (root system). The interest of using rootstocks has been studied in eggplant with brown brindle (Solanum torvum) which confers resistance to bacterial wilt, in tomato, cucumber, melon and more rarely on pepper.

Last change : 07/07/22