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Rhizopus stolonifer (Ehrenb.) Vuill. (1902)

rot Rhizopus


- Classification: Fungi, Zygomycota, Mucoromycotina, Incertea seat, Incertea seat, Mucorales, Mucoraceae
- synonyms: Rhizopus nigricans Ehrenb. , (1821)
- English name: Rhizopus rot

R. stolonifer is a very cosmopolitan fungus reported almost on every continent in the world. It causes soft and liquid rots on various plants and various organs (mainly fruits), especially at harvest time and during storage. These rots show some similarities to those caused by bacteria. It is also responsible for black mold in bread.

It is reported on Cucurbitaceae in several production areas around the world, responsible for fruit rot occurring in pre and post harvest during storage. Zucchini is particularly affected, but also cucumber, melon, squash ...

Note that another species, R. arrhizus ,  is also reported on Cucurbitaceae.
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