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Several species of aphids * ( aphids ) can form colonies on the young leaflets of Cucurbitaceae, this from the nursery: Myzus persicae (Sulzer 1776), Aphis gossypii (Glover 1877), Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Thomas 1878), Aulacorthum solani (Kaltenbach 1843) ) ... These polyphagous insects belong to the order of Hemiptera, to the suborder of Sternorrhyncha and to the superfamily of Aphidoidea.
They develop quite frequently on zucchini and squash as colonies, but they do not have the same development dynamics as whiteflies. On tomatoes, they are especially formidable by their ability to transmit several Viroses. In addition, the chemical control of populations of these pests is often problematic because of their possible resistance to several insecticides.
Last change : 04/19/21