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Protection methods


Several protection methods are recommended to control the development of aphids on zucchini in France:

  • check the sanitary quality of the plants before and during their introduction into the shelter;
  • produce the plants in an shelter  insect- proof ;
  • install canvases insect-proof at shelter openings;
  • weed the greenhouse and its surroundings;
  • detect the first pests thanks to the yellow sticky panels placed above the crop as soon as the plants are introduced;
  • use auxiliaries such as the insects Aphelinus abdominalis, Aphidius colemani, Aphidius ervi, Aphidoletes aphidimyza and  Macrolophus caliginosus (the latter is of secondary efficacy) and the fungus Verticillium lecanii (note that its efficacy may vary from one strain to another );
  • consider chemical protection (r) ( e-phy ) *, in particular if you use auxiliaries.

(r): resistance to insecticides or acaricides is known in these pests.

* Chemical control : The number of pesticides available for a given use is constantly changing, we advise you to always confirm your choice by consulting the e-phy site of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries which is a catalog in line of plant protection products and their uses, fertilizers and growing media approved in France. This also applies to all biological products based on microorganisms or natural substances
Last change : 04/19/21