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Main symptoms

The symptoms caused by the cucumber mosaic virus ( Cucumber mosaic virus , CMV) on zucchini usually appear one to two weeks after inoculation by aphids (Figure 1). Significant differences in symptoms are observed depending on the strain, stage of infection and varietal susceptibility.


Symptoms are manifested in zucchini by the appearance of chlorotic spots on leaves infected (Figure 2). As a mosaic develops, the leaves curl up on themselves, deform (figure 3); the plant becomes blocked and takes on a yellowing appearance (figure 4).

The first fruits produced show small, more or less pronounced "pin-prick" depressions (figures 5 and 6), then all the flowers sink and fruiting stops. In order to avoid diagnostic confusion when observing symptoms on fruits, we advise you to consult figure 7.

In zucchini, CMV is more common in cool periods (spring, autumn). In addition, we note a greater sensitivity of young plants (we speak of resistance or less sensitivity at the "adult" stage).

Symptoms of CMV on Squash are shown in Figures 8 and 9.

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