Description of the fungus


  • The long conidiophores of Cladosporium herbarum measure about 250 µm in length and 5 µm in diameter, they are more or less distinct from the hyphae (Figures 1 and 2). Simple or sympodial growing, they have a thickened end at the anchoring point of the conidial chains.
  • The conidia are ellipsoidal to cylindrical, the ends of which are rounded, and bear very characteristic brown scars (figure 3). Unicellular to multicellular (up to 4 cells), they then measure 5.5-13.0 x 3.8-6.0 µm. Let us add that the formed conidial chains easily dissociate to be carried by the wind.
  • Appearance of the colonies on malt-agar medium : they  slowly develop into a velvety carpet of dark olive green color with black edges, becoming powdery when the abundant production of conidia takes place. The reverse side of the colony appears black.
Last change : 04/19/21
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