Main symptoms

The Monilia spp. are responsible for various symptoms on their hosts: " cankers Monilia " on the twigs, destruction of flower clusters ... They attack in particular pome and stone fruits; they have been identified on apple, pear, quince, peach, plum, cherry, apricot and grape.


  • The grape berries gradually darken and shrivel, eventually forming mummies when completely dried out.
  • Fluffy conidiferous pads develop on the rotten berries. The latter would be fawn and arranged in a circle for M. fructigena, and gray and randomly distributed for M. laxa .
    Note that the mummies can have different colors depending on the diseased fruits and the possible presence of secondary invaders such as Cladosporium spp. or Rhizopus spp. .
Last change : 05/03/21
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