Description of the insect

  • The size larvae of Scaphoideus titanus varies on average from 1.5 mm (at hatching) to 5.5 mm for the last larval stage (Figures 1 to 3). The coloring of individuals darkens with the various stages, passing from hyaline white to brown with darker spots. Two lateral black dots located at the end of the abdomen are characteristic of larvae Scaphoideus titanus . The great mobility of the latter, which jump as soon as they are disturbed, is also an identification criterion.
  • The adults measure 5 mm for males to 6.5 mm for females which have in addition an ovipositor. They are tapered in shape and ocher-brown in color with the front of the body being paler. The elytra are brownish with black spots. There is an additional sexual dimorphism, visible when passing from the vertex (top of the head) to the face: at this level, the females show 3 dark transverse bands, the males only 1 (figure 4).
  • The eggs are elongated, sometimes slightly arched, flattened laterally and are approximately 1.3 mm long and 0.3 mm wide. They are smooth in color, light bistre to brown ocher and without ornamentation.
  • The presence of the insect can also be determined by observing exuviae easily recognizable on the inside of the leaves (figure 5). 

It should be noted that the larvae of stage L1 of should not be confused Phlogottetix cyclops (figure 6) with those of Scaphoideus titanus .

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