Trichothecium roseum*  (Pers.) Link 1809

Pink mold

T. roseum is a fungus widely distributed in the world, frequently observed on the most diverse plant debris, on the carpophores of fungi, sometimes showing myco-parasitism. Often saprophytic, sometimes a weakness or opportunistic parasite, it is particularly responsible for rotting on several fruits (apple, tomato, etc.), on roses, under the name pink mold.

As we suggested earlier, it is able to attack other plant pathogenic fungi like Sclerotinia sclerotiorum , Apiosporina morbosa , Botrytis allii , etc.

On vines, this fungus is mainly observed on the clusters, developing secondarily to gray rot caused by Botrytis cinerea . Let us add that it is likely to produce mycotoxins.


Last change : 04/19/21