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Tobacco ring spot virus (TRSV)


The Tobacco ring spot virus (TRSV) belongs to the family of Comoviridae and gender Nepovirus (Figure 1). It is transmitted by ectoparasitic nematodes belonging to the genus Xiphinema , in particular Xiphinema americana . In some hosts, it can be transmitted by grasshoppers and thrips, as a result of their feeding. (Seed transmission is possible in lettuce.)

- Symptoms

Yellow and diffuse mottling of the leaves of the skirt. Rings and irregular patterns of more or less intense yellow color, comparable to those observed on plants infected with TRV. Affected plants are frequently stunted and very crowded.

- Main characteristics

Despite its wide worldwide distribution, TRSV is very rarely reported on salads, for example in Slovenia on lettuce. Rather, it is reported on soybeans, Vigna unguiculata , Capsicum spp., Eggplant, tobacco, tomatoes, cucumbers, Armoracia rusticana .

Last change : 04/27/21
Figure 1