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Tobacco rattle virus  (TRV)


The tobacco rattle virus (TRV) belongs to the family Tobravirus (Figure 1). It is transmitted by several species of nematodes belonging to the genera Trichodorus spp. ( T. minor, T. primitivus, T. viruliferus ) and Paratrichodorus spp. ( P. christei, P. primitivus ...). These nematodes remain infectious for several months or even years. In some weeds seed transmission is poor.

- Symptoms

Marbling, spots, rings and irregular patterns more or less yellow. Plant growth is slowed down and the leaves are flatter than usual.

- Main characteristics

This virus is widely distributed over several continents. It is the cause of damage on potatoes, tobacco, peppers, celery, spinach ... and on ornamental crops ( Tulipa sp., Narcissus pseudonarcissus , Hyacinthus sp., Gladiolus ...), but it also affects d 'other plants, whether or not cultivated ( Capsella bursa-pastoris ...). It has already been reported on lettuce in the United States (on romaine in Sacramento), Denmark and Italy (Campania). The fight against this virus consists in controlling its vectors . We advise you to apply certain measures recommended in the sheets relating to nematodes.

Last change : 04/27/21
Figure 1