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Symptoms on Cucurbitaceae  


  • Organs attacked  :
Leaves Vessel


  • Symptoms :
    • Symptoms present on both young seedlings and adult plants.
    • More or less rapid withering of young leaves  at the hottest times of the day, reversible initially during the night; they appear suddenly and become permanent (figures 1 to 3). The leaves eventually dry out like whole plants eventually.
    • In less favorable conditions: slowed plant growth, leaf epinasty, yellowing of lower leaves, etc.
    • Yellowish to brown more or less dark coloring of the vessels observable in the roots, the taproot and the stem (figure 4).
    • Absence of symptoms on fruits.
  • Signs  : perform a "water glass test" to reveal the presence of bacteria in the vessels. To do this, take a stem fragment from the lower levels of the stem, immerse it in a glass of water: white mucous wisps made up of billions of bacteria appear within 5 minutes.
  • Possible confusion : with other vascular diseases such as Fusarium.
  • Production areas affected :
Guyana Martinique


Last change : 07/04/22
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Figure 4