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Symptoms on Eggplant 


  • Organs attacked :
Leaves Vessel


  • Symptoms :
    • Symptoms present on both young seedlings and adult plants.
    • Rapid wilting of young leaves at the hottest times of the day, often reversible during the night at first (figure 1); they manifest suddenly and become permanent. leaflets and leaves eventually dry out like whole plants at term (Figure 2).
    • Sometimes sectoral yellowing of the lamina that quickly necroses (figure 3).
    • Yellowish to brown more or less dark coloring of the vessels observable in the roots, the taproot and the stem (figure 4). The marrow and cortex may show moist, brown lesions.
  • Signs : perform a “glass of water test” to reveal the presence of bacteria in the vessels. To do this, take a stem fragment from the lower levels of the stem, immerse it in a glass of water: white mucous wisps made up of billions of bacteria appear within 5 minutes (figure 5).
  • Production areas affected :
Mayotte Reunion
Guyana New Caledonia
Last change : 07/04/22
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5