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Anthonomus eugenii (Cano)

Pepper weevil



  • This beetle insect belongs to the Curcilionidae family.
  • Attacks mainly peppers and chili peppers, sometimes eggplant. It is found in the buds that adults and larvae feed on.
  • Observed mainly in the open field.

  • Sensitive botanical family (s)


  • Affected production areas * :
New Caledonia


  • Organs attacked
Leaves Flowers Fruits

 Symptoms, damage

  • Symptoms :
    • Destruction of buds.
    • Appearance of pitting on flowers
    • Perforations and galleries in the fruits and fall of the latter. The bites create a gateway for the fungus Alternaria alternata rot .
    • Total destruction of production.
  • Signs  : Presence of adult insects from flowering and larvae on plants and in the crop (figures). 


  • Development cycle : It lasts about 3 weeks.
    • The eggs are laid on the buds.
    • Gray larvae with a brown head, they do not have legs.
    • Adult weevils dark gray to black in color, 2-3 mm long. They have a very elongated rostrum (proboscis).


  • Make a crawl space .
  • Destroy weeds of the Solanaceae family.
  • Remove and destroy fallen fruit.
Last change : 11/16/21
Figure 1
Figure 2