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Market gardening

False sowing is practiced on seedlings at the cotyledon stage up to a maximum of 2 leaves. The destruction of these weeds can be mechanical (comb harrow, hoeing, rotary tools) with a passage at a maximum depth of 2 cm, to avoid inducing a rise of the seeds present in depth.

The use of rotary tools should be avoided in the presence of vegetatively propagating weeds such as Cyperus. Thermal (or electric) weeding prevents the seeds from rising and can be practiced post-sowing/pre-emergence, but it is ineffective on overdeveloped seedlings.

In soils with a high infestation of weeds, it is necessary to carry out two successive false sowings spaced one to two weeks apart. Soil recovery is possible by full hoeing or by rotary tool, limited to a shallow depth (2 cm).

Last change : 07/07/22