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Interests and limits


Factors studied

Positive effects


Negative effects


Work organization

- Save time by avoiding subsequent weeding.


- Time to let the weeds rise and destruction time: plan a longer period between 2 crops.



- Fewer herbicide purchases.



- Fight against pests and diseases (destruction of fungi, eggs and larvae) by the action of the sun's rays, and/or by exposure to predation.

- The only effective means of combating certain perennials.



- Risk of soil compaction if the mechanical work is poorly managed.

- Risk of erosion with superficial tillage in the tropics.

Product qualities

- Fewer weeds in harvested products.

- Less pesticide residues.



- Preservation of water quality thanks to less use of herbicides.


Energy consumption

- Energy consumption can be compensated by the reduction of passages of herbicides with the towed sprayer.



- Increased fuel consumption.

- Gas consumption if thermal weeding.

Last change : 07/07/22