Methods of protection

To be effective, the fight against black rot must in particular combine well-positioned chemical protection and prophylactic measures aimed at reducing the amount of inoculum present in the vineyard.

  • Use grape varieties less sensitive . Among Vitis spp., V rupestris , V. berlandieri , V. cordifolia , V. riparia and V. candidans are very resistant to black rot.
  • Pull up abandoned vines located near the plot; they are potential sources of inoculum.
  • Respect planting densities in order to obtain a well-ventilated plot of vines.
  • Control the vigor of the vines, remove the stem from the vines, and do not work in the vines when the plants are wet.
  • Observe the vines regularly in order to detect the first outbreaks and remove and destroy at all times the aerial organs showing symptoms of black rot, otherwise they will subsequently constitute sources of inoculum.
  • When pruning, collect and burn tendrils and shoots showing lesions, and eliminate clusters with mummified berries: potential sources of primary inoculum.
  • After pruning, work the soil in order to bury the contaminated branches and berries that have fallen on it.


Periods of disease expression


  • Use decision support tools * (DOA) and / or follow plant health bulletins.
  • Apply preventive chemical protection before the vine's sensitivity period after bud break ( e-phy ). Note that several anti-mildew and anti-powdery mildew fungicides have significant side effects with regard to black-rot.
  • Warning: strains of G. bidwelli less sensitive or even resistant to fungicides belonging to various chemical families (IBS group I and Qoi) are present in the vineyard or are likely to be selected more or less quickly. We therefore advise you to alternate fungicides with different modes of action.



* Main elements to be taken into account for the reasoning of the protection:

  • The sanitary history of the plot
  • The phenological stage of the vine
  • climatic data (rains, temperatures
  • Information from risk forecasting models ( EPIcure IFV )
  • History of anti-mildew and powdery mildew treatments (enhance the versatility of products)
Last change : 04/19/21