Empoasca vitis  (Gothe 1875)

Green leafhopper, vine leafhopper


The green leafhopper is a stinging-sucking insect that is considered a secondary pest, the larvae of which can cause grills on leaves in high populations. It is present in all the wine-growing areas of Europe. The larvae, for food, introduce their stylets into the vessels and tissues of the leaves to take up nutrients.

It appreciates high temperatures and humidity and thrives in sheltered areas, in the presence of lush vegetation. It avoids windy places and direct solar radiation. This insect is polyphagous which explains the diversity of its range of host plants.


Classification : Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, Cicadellidae
English name : Vine leafhopper


Last change : 04/26/21