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Main symptoms


The symptoms caused by Pseudomonas cichorii can be varied. They appear mostly on the inner leaves , as harvest approaches. are usually observed Small chlorotic spots , quickly turning dark brown to black with necrosis (Figure 1). They are generally shiny, circular to polygonal, sometimes star-shaped (figure 2), limited by secondary veins which also turn brown (figure 3). The presence of a yellow halo is quite rare.

In some cases, the damage is confined to the midrib which also takes on a brown to black tint (Figure 4). Contiguous tissues show the same type of alteration, the pivot remaining normally healthy. Other secondary bacteria can colonize the tissues and induce soft rot. When the fabrics dry, they show a lighter shade and papery consistency.

Other leaf damage sometimes occurs near the harvest on the inner leaves of the apple. They are often extensive and necrotic, brown and shiny, without modification of consistency (symptom called by the Anglo-Saxons "Varnish spot" ).

Pseudomonas cichorii can also cause spotting on the leaves of fourth grade salad leaves being preserved

Last change : 04/26/21
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4