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Pratylenchus  (Thorne 1949)


- Classification: Animalia, Nematoda, Adenophorea, Tylenchida, Pratylenchidae
- English name: Lesion nematodes

The Pratylenchus spp. (nematodes responsible for root rots) are less damaging on lettuce than Meloidogyne spp. They are widespread worldwide and affect more than 500 plant species. They are reported on salads in many producing countries (USA, Canada, Japan, Europe (Italy, Germany, Great Britain ...), but their damage varies from one country to another.

In France, rare attacks have been detected in recent years on lettuce involving Pratylenchus penetrans (Cobb 1917). Sometimes in the past there may have been some confusion in the diagnosis, also the effects of Pratylenchus spp. may have been a bit underestimated.

Other species of Pratylenchus are rampant on salads; there may be mentioned in particular Pratylenchus crenatus Loof 1960.

Let us add that other nematodes, such as for example Paratylenchus spp. which are ectoparasitic nematodes, can cause root symptoms which may be confusing with those of Pratylenchus .
Last change : 04/27/21