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Symptoms tomato


  • Organs attacked :


  • Symptoms :
    • Small, moist, dull circular lesions, light brown, progressively developing on fruit. As they extend, they become concave and their center gradually browns (figures 1 to 3)
    • Several spots can develop at the same time on the same fruit, confluent they end up covering large portions and give rise to rot.
    • The underlying flesh may be rather discolored and grainy in texture.
    • These symptoms can vary depending on the species of Colletotrichum prevalent.
  • Signs : presence of dark brown to black structures in the center of the lesions, sometimes arranged concentrically: microsclerotia. (figures 1 and 4) One can also observe acervuli in which stand black bristles ( setae ). These acervuli produce, in wet periods, conspicuous salmon-colored mucous spore masses on the surface of the lesions which remain smooth and intact.
  • Possible confusion :
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  • Affected production areas :
Mayotte Guyana


  •  Colletotrichum spp. reported on tomato : C. coccodes , C. gloeosporioides, C. dematium, C. acute, C. truncatum
Last change : 04/28/22
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Figure 3
Figure 4