• Fn3Pt
  • Arvalis
  • innoplant
  • semae

Control measures


The following preventive control measures can be implemented to limit gangrene:


  • good farm hygiene (cleaning and disinfection of buildings and equipment, destruction of waste, etc.);
  • choose, if available, tolerant cultivars;
  • harvest within 3 to 4 weeks of haulm destruction when tuber skin is sufficiently mature;
  • minimise tuber wounds at harvest and during handling operations (grading etc.);
  • eliminate infected tubers;
  • prior to storage, allow time and adequate conditions (temperature and ventilation) to favour the healing of tuber surface and wounds caused by handling;
  • use appropriate long term storage conditions;
  • in the case of seed production only, chemical fungicides can be applied after harvesting on cleaned (‘soil-free’) tubers.
Last change : 07/09/17