Symptoms of <b>Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus</b> are very spectacular on this Cucurbitaceae, especially on zucchini.  Affected early, the growth of this zucchini plant is greatly reduced, even blocked.  (<i>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i>, ZYMV)
Thinning of the leaf blade along the veins is visible on these otherwise deformed zucchini leaves.  <b>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i> (ZYMV)
More or less mosaic-like, these zucchini leaves have a less extended and deformed leaf blade.  <b>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i> (ZYMV)
The surface of this zucchini fruit is almost completely blistered.  <b>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i> (ZYMV)
This zucchini fruit locally reveals some swelling.  <b>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i> (ZYMV)
Detail of mosaic cucumber leaves.  <b>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i> (ZYMV)
On these partially deformed cucumber leaves, the nearby tissues have a locally darker hue: a symptom called vein banding by the Anglo-Saxons.  <b><i>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i></b> (ZYMV)
Cucumber stalk whose leaves are almost all mosaicked and more or less blistered.  <b><i>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i></b> (ZYMV)
Mosaic and superficially slightly blistered cucumber fruit.  </b> (<i>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i>, ZYMV)
Locally very bloated cucumber fruit.  <b><i>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i><:b> (ZYMV)
Twigs bearing several very deformed, blistered and serrated leaves.  (</b><i>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i></b>, ZYMV)
Melon leaf showing several raised blisters.  (<b><i>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i></b>, ZYMV)
Leaf very cut and covered with very pronounced blisters.  </b><i>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i></b> (ZYMV).
Stopping of growth and yellowing of the leaves of the apex of melon.  (<b><i>Zucchini yellow mosaic virus</i></b>, ZYMV)