Final diagnosis


Several leaflets are more or less perforated, even jagged.  There are also some impacts of hailstones along the rod.  <b> Hail </b>
On the stem, localized lesions and more or less pronounced bursts are observed, brownish in color, clearing up as they heal.  <b> Hail </b>
These fruits present several impacts of hailstones which have more or less suberized and browned locally.  <b> Hail damage </b> (hail injuries)
Large "often open" brown spots, chlorotic on the periphery.  <b> Hail damage </b>
Les lésions occasionnées par les grêlons sont plus conséquentes sur ce fruit. Nous pouvons observer de larges taches circulaires brunes, diffuses, montrant des fentes plus ou moins importantes. <b>Dégâts dus à la grêle</b> (hail injuries)