Final diagnosis

Paramyrothecium roridum

Several circular and brownish spots dot this eggplant leaf.  Concentric patterns are clearly visible, as well as a rather diffuse halo.  <i>Myrothecium roridum</i>
Two sporodochia of <i><b>Myrothecium roridum</b></i> are clearly visible on these altered leaf tissues.
Detail of a sporodochia of <i><b>Myrothecium roridum</b></i>.
Numerous phialides make up part of each sporodochia;  they form at their extremity cylindrical conidia, hyaline to slightly olive-coloured.  <b><i>Myrothecium roridum</i></b>
Detail of the cylindrical, hyaline to slightly olive-colored conidia of <b><i>Myrothecium roridum</i></b>.