Laurent Camoin - CA Bouches-du-Rhône
Several leaves of this eggplant plant are riddled with numerous small perforations.  <b><i>Epitrix</i> sp.</b>
Eggplant leaf partially perforated by an <i><b>Epitrix</i> sp.</b>
Detail of the small perforations of the blade caused by an <i><b>Epitrix</i> sp.</b> on an aubergine leaf.
Eggplant leaves badly attacked by <i><b>Epitrix</i> sp.  </b>
Eggplant leaf particularly attacked by <i><b>Epitrix</i></b> sp.
In the presence of high populations of<i><b> Epitrix</i> sp. </b>the lamina looks like lace.
Detail of an adult <b><i>Epitrix </i> sp.</b> observed in Mayotte on eggplant.
Detail of an adult <i><b>Epitrix</i> sp. </b>observed in Mayotte on eggplant.