Final diagnosis


The <em> Nysius senecionis </em> bug can sometimes swarm in Mediterranean vineyards, without causing significant damage.
The vegetable bug, <em> Eurydema oleracea </em> especially infested with crucifers, is a bug that can attack vine leaves.
The bedbug <em> Apolygus spinolae </em> (green bug in Italian) causes the buds to run through its stings.  This green bug is distinguished by the black end of the cuneus.
<em> Capsodes sulcatus </em>, nicknamed the grapevine grisette, is a secondary pest of the vineyard.  Photo by G. Carcassès,
The stylet protected by the rostrum is used to suck up the contents of prey in bedbugs, stinging and sucking insects.
Bedbugs are stinging and sucking insects.  Their rostrum penetrates the host's tissues and serves to suck up the cellular contents liquefied by their saliva.
Bedbug eggs are laid on vegetation or on the ground.  The larvae have the same diet as the adults.