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Fruit coulure

In many Cucurbits, the female flowers must be pollinated in order to develop into fruit. Note that pollination may be of lower quality, for example when temperatures are high, above 32 ° C, and when the number and / or activity of bees are low.

Fruit drips (figure 1) can be observed on melon and watermelon, on plants loaded with early fruit. The latter, often well developed, monopolize the "activity" of the plant to the detriment of other young fruits, disrupting fruit set and reducing their growth. Poorly fed, young fruits eventually turn yellow, wilt and degenerate (Figure 1). It is also for this reason that the plants, which have a fruit which has tied very early near the foot, have a slow vegetative growth and do not form any more fruit afterwards. We should add that plants that are too loaded with fruit, and whose root system is more or less damaged, can generally show fruit drips.

To remedy this physiological phenomenon, it is advisable to remove the first fruits formed too early, and to set up a production system favoring the installation and development of the melon root system.
Last change : 05/03/21
Figure 1