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Gloeosporium orbiculare (Berk.) Berk.

Colletotrichum orbiculare  (Berk. & Mont.) Arx, (1957)


- Classification: Fungi, Basidiomycota, Lichinomycetes, Sordariomycetidae, Incertae_sedis_, Glomerellaceae
- téléomorphe : Glomerella lagenaria (Pass.) F. Stevens [comme ' lagenarium '], (1931)
- synonymie : Colletotrichum lagenaria (Pass.) Ellis & Halst. [comme ' lagenarium '], (1893)
- English name: anthracnose; Spanish name: antracnosis

In the preamble, let us underline that under the name of nuiles of cucurbits, two very different fungal diseases causing the appearance of characteristic lesions on the fruits:
- gray cloud or cladosporiosis induced by Cladosporium cucumerinum ;
- red cloud (formerly called "Picotte" in the southwest of France), which is caused by Colletotrichum orbiculare , the agent of anthracnose in cucurbitaceae. This disease is infested both in temperate regions and in subtropical and tropical production zones.

The anthracnose has been known since the late 19th century; in fact, this disease was described for the first time in Italy in 1867. It is widely distributed throughout the world, on all continents, and is particularly prevalent in countries with a humid climate and / or in those where the use of protection plant chemical is quite low. Note also that it affects more or less many cucurbits. It has been reported on calabash, pumpkin, cucumber, squash, spaghetti squash, zucchini, christophine, giraumon, bitter gourd, melon, watermelon, patisson, pumpkin, Luffa spp. , Momordica charantia ...

The economic consequences of anthracnose vary greatly from one country to another. When this disease manifests itself, its repercussions are not negligible, leading in particular to a drop in yield, a reduction in the quality of the fruits, and losses during storage and marketing.

In France , anthracnose has become a "curiosity" that can sometimes be seen in amateur gardens, mainly on melon, watermelon and some squash . This fungus is probably very sensitive to fungicides, their use on cucurbits has helped to control it and gradually eliminate it.

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