Methods of protection

One should be aware that complete control of bacterial necrosis is difficult to achieve because no method of protection is really very effective. Also, we advise you to implement preventively the maximum of the proposed measures.
  • Use healthy plants from uninfected areas; in case of doubt and in order to avoid the risk of introducing bacterial necrosis into your vineyard, it is strongly recommended to ensure that the vine plants have undergone thermotherapy (hot water treatment of the plant material at 50 ° C for 45 minutes).
  • Cultivate a grape variety that is as less sensitive as possible, especially in highly affected production areas, as much as possible.
  • Eliminate and destroy the few diseased vines when their number and distribution in focus are limited.
  • Prune the vine during the period of vegetative rest, prohibit pruning when crying occurs because the risks of transmission of bacterial necrosis are very high. Do not hesitate to cut whole woods in order to eliminate the infected parts.
  • Quickly remove and destroy pruning wood, never bury it in the ground.
  • Avoid excessive manure, especially nitrogenous and organic.
  • Clean and disinfect (between each plot, and at the end of the day) all material coming into contact with the vine during cultivation operations and likely to injure it (pruning, pruning, topping, tillage, etc.). Begin to carry out these operations in the uninfected plots, always finish with those which are already infected. Use alcohol and bleach.
  • Carry out a copper-based treatment (associated or not with a dithiocarbamate) under the following conditions ( e-phy ): after pruning when the wounds are still fresh, in the spring between the phenological stages C (green tip) and E (leaves ) (Remember to renew the treatments in case of heavy rains -> 20-25 mm - responsible for leaching), quickly after a thunderstorm (in the presence of hail damage) or a mechanical harvest.
  • Drain the soil, the bacteria being present in wet water.
Last change : 04/20/21