Biological cycle


  • Calepitrimerus vitis overwinters exclusively in the form of so-called “deutogynous” females which take refuge in the bark of the wood at the base of the branches or under the scales of the lower buds.
  • When budding, they resume their activities and prick the buds as well as the underside of young leaves to feed. They then begin to lay on the underside of the leaves.
  • The eggs will give rise to females called "protogynous".
  • The adults will migrate ascending, which will allow them to follow the growth of the vegetation of the vine, and therefore to feed on the young leaves. Protogynous females are observed from May to October. From the month of August, the eggs laid will give deutogynous females. From veraison, the females begin to migrate towards the base of the vine shoots.
  • Synoptic of the development of Calepitimerus vitis on vines (figure 1)
Last change : 04/20/21
Figure 1