Description of the insect


  • The adults of Argyrotaenia ljungiana are between 12 and 15 mm wingspan. They have 2 pairs of wings: the anterior ones are light ocher in color and have a broad iron-brown transverse band and a small brown spot on the anterior angle of the wing; the hind wings are silvery gray with a whitish fringe.
  • The eggs are laid by the dozen in oopplates on the upper surface of the leaves. They are sub-elliptical, lemon yellow in color at the start, they are light brown at the end of development. They evolve in ten days under optimal conditions.
  • The larvae are around 15mm long and have a dark green head with a body that can range from light green to dark green. It is sometimes possible to discern whitish stigmas. The caterpillar is very lively to the touch like that of the Eudemis.
  • The chrysalis has an average size of 8-9 mm long. Green in color at the beginning of its pupation, it takes on an ocher or brownish tint.
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