Methods of protection


  • There is no threshold of harmfulness for this mite because in general, there is no risk associated with its development. However, on young plantations, it may become necessary to intervene in certain situations.
  • Treat the vine ( e-phy ) as soon as galls appear on the leaves, at the approved dose. This is usually sufficient to control erinosis in the vineyard. In the case of sensitive grape varieties, two treatments (CD and DE stages) may be necessary. Experience shows that it is important to intervene early at the “bud in cotton” stage.
  • A natural predator, Arthrocnodax vitis , is a midge (diptera nematocera) specific to this mite. The larvae of this helper consumes both adults and larvae of the phytopte. Tydeus eriophyes (mite of the Tideidae family) is often found in the vineyard as a predator of Colomerus vitis .
Last change : 04/20/21