Description of the mite

females Adult of Eotetranychus carpini , octopods and oblong in shape, are difficult to observe with the naked eye (size 0.35 mm). They are pale yellow in color with scattered black granules on the sides of the opisthosome. We can also distinguish the presence of 2 anterolateral red eyes on the prodorsum . They carry on the back 7 rows of long and fine silks. Wintering females have a uniform lemon yellow coloration. Males are distinguished from females by their greater mobility and they are rather spindle-shaped.

The egg (figure 1), the size of which is around 1/10 of a mm, is spherical, smooth and translucent, with a fine tang at the top.

The larva is greenish yellow in color (Figure 2). The first larval instar is hexapod while the following are octopods.

The small size of the adults and their yellow coloration, which contrasts little with the green of the blade, make them difficult to observe with the naked eye. Be wary, during rapid counts, they can be easily confused with other non-phytophagous mites present on the vine of the Tydeidae type, or even with predatory mites of the Phytoseidae type.

Last change : 04/20/21
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