Methods of protection against

de Plasmopara viticola

  • A plant less sensitive variety ( varieties of sensitivity ). It should be noted that certain vines and table grapes have a resistance certain to mildew, in particular
  • Destroy abandoned vines that are sources of inoculum.
  • Avoid water stagnation in the plots, to do this drain the rows in all places.
  • Do not choose a rootstock that is too vigorous.
  • Control the vigor of the vine in order to obtain less receptive plant tissues.
  • Improve the ventilation of the vegetation as much as possible in order to reduce its humidity.
  • Regularly remove low shoots ( shoots suck off ) and dragging on the ground or developing on the stump in order to avoid contamination, disbudding.
  • Implement all other measures to avoid crowding the foliage: pruning, disbudding, removing leaves .
  • Control fertilization.
  • Eliminate crop residues and / or ensure they are incorporated into the soil early in the season in order to minimize the formation in the leaves of oospores which are the primary inoculum sources during the next season. Note that the observation of the germination of the latter in spring makes it possible to manage the fungicidal protection.


P ériodes of symptom expression


  • Use a risk forecasting model and / or follow the advice of plant health bulletins. ( IFV PPE )
  • Preventively implement chemical protection against mildew according to the regulations in force ( e-phy ). The treatments will take place especially during the growth phase of the vine (during the flowering-fruit setting period the vine is particularly vulnerable); their number will depend on climatic conditions and parasite pressure. In organic, only copper in its 4 forms can be used with a certain efficiency.
  • Warning: strains of P. viticola resistant to fungicides belonging to various chemical families are present in the vineyard or are likely to be selected quickly. We therefore advise you to alternate fungicides with different modes of action.
Last change : 05/04/21