Methods of protection against

from Eutypa lata

There are no curative methods to eradicate the fungus in wood. The implementation of prophylactic methods remains the best way to limit eutypiosis.

  • Reduce the sources of the inoculum by removing all pruning residues (stocks, arms, horns) liable to carry perithecia. The ideal is to collect all the wood immediately after pruning and shelter it from the rain.
  • Prune sensitive grape varieties at the end of the season (in dry, windless weather).
  • Protect pruning wounds to prevent contamination of the vine by the fungus, preferably with a putty. The use of antagonistic microorganisms, Trichoderma spp., Can also be considered. Currently, only a based preparation Trichoderma- is authorized, by brushing or spraying, to protect size wounds ( e-phy *).
  • Use tolerant or resistant grape varieties or rootstocks. In heavily affected plots; re-grafting, like coppicing, gives excellent results.
  • Prefer driving methods favoring a vine architecture with long arms.

See also the proposed protection methods to control esca .

Last change : 04/20/21