Index of diseases, their vectors, pests and grapevine auxiliaries


This list provides direct access to files summarizing knowledge of the symptoms of the disease, the description and biology of the pest in question, and the protection methods to be implemented to control it.


Parasitic diseases
  • Fungi
Fungi and bacteria of aerial organs
- Botrytis cinerea (gray mold and noble rot)
- Elsinoë ampelina  (black spot, anthracnose) 
- Erysiphe necator (Powdery mildew)
- Guignardia bidwellii (black rot)
- Phomopsis viticola (excoriose)
- Pilidiella diplodiella (white rot)
- Plasmopara viticola (downy mildew)
- Acid rot (grape)
- rot Alternaria (grape)
- rot Aspergillus (grape)
- rot Cladosporium (grape)
- Pink mold (grape)

Grapevine trunk disease
- Eutypa lata (eutypiose)
- Fungi associated with esca
- Botryosphaeria spp. ( dieback Botryosphaeria )

Telluric fungi
- Armillaria mellea and others (root rot)
- Ilyonectria liriodendri (black foot)   

  • Bacteria and phytoplasmas

- Xylella fastidiosa (Pierce's disease)
- Xylophilus ampelinus (bacterial necrosis)
- Candidatus Phytoplasma sp.  (flavescence dorée)
- Candidatus Phytoplasma spp. (black wood)

  • Viruses


  • Non-parasitic diseases
  • Phytophagous mites
- Colomerus vitis (érinose)
- Eotetranychus carpini (Hornbean mite)
- Panonychus ulmi (red mite)

  • Phytophagous insects  
- Drosophila suzukii (Japanese drosophila or spotted wing drosophila)
- Empoasca vitis (green leafhopper, grill leafhopper)
- Geometridae (looper caterpillars)
- Lobesia botrana (european vine moth, eudemis)
Metcalfa pruinosa (flatide pruineux)
- Sparganothis pilleriana (pyrale)
- Stictocephala bisonia (buffalo treehopper)

  • Vector insects
- Drosophila spp. (fruit flies) (acid rot)
- Coccidae (mealybugs including flaky mealybugs) (leaf roll virus)
- Pseudococcidae (mealybugs) (leaf roll virus)
- Scaphoideus titanus (cicada) (Flavescence dorée)

  • Other
- Cornu aspersum (small-gray snail)
- Theba pisana (Pisa snail)


  • Predators

- Araneae (spiders)

- Bats (bats)
- Neuroptera (lacewings, hemerobes and conopterigidae)
- Predatory bugs  

  • Parasitoids  

- Parasitoids of mealybugs   
- Budworm parasitoids  

Last change : 05/04/21